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My crew & I are more than ready for summer break! So I thought it would be perfect to get out my countdown to count the days until summer break! Last year I was the craft leader in my MOPS group. This was one of the most loved crafts we’ve done! Hope you love it too!

Countdown 1Supplies needed:

2 x 6 board (24″ wide)


Vinyl (any color)

Contact Paper

Chalkboard Paint (not spray paint)

Paint Brush

countdown 2

Cut your board 24″ and sand the front and edges with your sand paper.

 I already had chalkboard spray paint on hand but after trying it out decided that regular chalkboard paint would work better. So I painted on 3 layers of paint. You don’t have to wait very long between layers. Just make sure it’s dry to the touch. Don’t forget the sides since you will want those the same black color.

countdown 3

Now it’s time for your vinyl. I used my cricut to cut it out and chose a font named Pupcat. The vinyl measured 4″ x 11″.

countdown 4

Cut a sheet of contact paper the same size as your vinyl. Rub it down over your letters so you can transfer it onto your board. A credit card is a good thing to use in case you don’t have a tool to use. Just something with a straight hard edge will work fine.

countdown 5

Now pull up the contact paper making sure your vinyl is pulling up at each letter. I started my vinyl about 5″ from the edge. Make sure each letter stays on the wood well. Otherwise you could tear the letter.

countdown 6

Now you’re ready to go! I’m happy to count down the days with the girls until summer break!

countdown 7

The white vinyl board is the one we did in MOPS. This picture shows how many we had to have for our meeting. It was quite a bit of prep work since we had to sand and paint a layer of black. But it was well worth it. Everyone loved it! I cut the boards 18″ to save money . Then I used white vinyl and cut it 4″ x 9″. If you end up doing this for your MOPS group let me know. I would love to hear from you!

One thought on “Chalkboard Countdown

    funhomethings said:
    May 9, 2015 at 3:13 am

    1. Love this project.
    2. Thank you for linking up.
    3. You’re going to go far.

    🙂 Katie


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