Ribbon Storage

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I am always looking for better ways to organize and store my craft supplies. So when my grandparents were helping me put up my shelves, my Grandmother & I came up with a great way to easily store my ribbon. Now I know exactly what I have just by looking. It doesn’t get unwound and messed up. It’s exactly what I needed!

ribbon storage

Supplies needed:

Small boards


Dowel Rod

Electric Drill


We started by adding a small piece of wood in order to make the hook hang low enough to allow the ribbon to hang properly.

IMG_3747Use the drill and a screw to connect the small piece of wood. I needed 2 pieces of wood. But if yours is longer you will need to decide how many hooks you will need accordingly. Then add the hook into the piece of wood.

ribbon storage 1

Now just add your dowel rod into the hooks. Done!


Now it’s ready for your ribbon!

ribbon storage

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